Reece Wabara signed a short-term deal with Barnsley which extends until December 31st and the 23 year old English left-back wants to convince Lee Johnson of signing him on a long term contract, this is Wabara’s 2nd chance of persuading Johnson to snatch him up.
Lee Johnson and Reece Wabara had already met each up prior to Barnsley as Wabara had joined Oldham Athletic on a one month loan deal but after a number of impressive performances, Wabara saw his contract being extended for 4 months but a permanent deal was never offered, during this period of time when Wabara was enjoying his loan stay in Oldham Athletic, Lee Johnson was the man in charge of the club but Johnson was never truly convinced by Wabara but this time around Johnson is hoping that he can earn a permanent deal.
Wabara voiced his happiness in having joined Barnsley as he said: "I love it. I'm happy that somebody is brutally honest because then we have a relationship where I can tell him how I feel. Johnson had a chance to take me at Oldham and he said no due to what he perceived my personality was. Hopefully we've cleared that situation up now"
"We had a good two-hour chat and he talked about his football philosophy and what he thinks I can add to the team and how he can improve me and ultimately get me back to where he thinks I can play. Barnsley matches my ambition and drive."
The first club that Wabara joined was Manchester City as he played in the academy teams of the Premier League club and things were going well for the English defender as he was named as the captain of the under-16’s team and eventually went on to join the Elite Development Squad but Wabara had to leave the club in April of 2014 after his contract was cancelled.

The youth coach of Manchester City, Patrick Vieira talks about Raheem Sterling

After playing for 1 season with Manchester City, Patrick Vieira became the youth captain of the Premier League club and a few years later he was appointed as the club’s new reserve team and Elite Development squad manager.
Vieira now has a direct influence in Manchester City’s transfer decisions. Raheem Sterling is one of the players who have been constantly linked with a move to the Etihad Stadium and Patrick Vieira revealed information concerning the possibility of signing the young player.
Raheem Sterling has already missed out from 2 training sessions with Liverpool and the player is believed to be interested in wanting to leave Anfield and Manchester City is a club which is willing to spend big in the 20 year old player if he becomes available in the summer.
Manchester City has already launched an offer in the region of €40 million but it was rejected by Liverpool and now City is preparing an improved offer of €50 million as Manuel Pellegrini is hoping that it will be enough to lure in Raheem Sterling.
Some critics do not believe that Sterling is worth that much money but Patrick Vieira stepped up and defended Manchester City’s decisions of spending so much cash in the youngster.
Manchester City’s Patrick Vieira said: "I think if you ask 10 people what they think about him, I think nine would give you a positive answer.I would be part of the nine people because he's shown how good he is, how well he's been doing at Liverpool.If he is in the market, not just City would be interested in him."
Sterling has missed a number of pre-season training with Liverpool and the player has launched hints of wanting to leave the Premier League club and if the 20 year old performer does become available to sign in the summer there are a handful of clubs that are willing to spend big in order to sign him, Manchester City is one of those clubs.

Thierry Henry says his Former Club is Missing many Important Players

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry says that his former club are missing a player like Patrick Vieira, who can break up the play and also start attacks.
The French midfielder is an icon of the Premier League after having been an important part of the Arsenal team that went unbeaten throughout a league campaign in 2004. Not many players have provided with the same kind of influence as Vieira has done in the centre of midfield for Arsenal. This loss has been a major reason towards the decline of Arsenal and Henry admits that the club are no longer the same without the Frenchman.
Henry was also a very key aspect of the Arsenal team, but there have been several goalscorers since the Frenchman. The likes of Robin van Persie and Olivier Giroud – to a certain extent – have been able to compensate for the loss, but the same cannot be said of the central midfield. Even after the arrival of Matthew Flamini back to the club, Arsenal continue to struggle on the defensive front. The club has been leaking almost a goal every game and Henry believes that Arsenal can challenge for the title only if the correct this aspect. Right now, Henry is sad to see Arsenal relegated to the position of being only a top four contender.
"The fans should expect more and the players, too. I'm sure Arsene himself wants more. They're not far off but they're missing a big piece; they're missing a Patrick Vieira, a Gilberto Silva. Those guys would have done anything to protect the back four and allow the forwards to play well.Do Arsenal have that? I don't think so. It's easy to have a go at Per Mertesacker, for example, but you have to ask: has he had the right protection?” said Henry.

Patrick Vieira on Manchester Youth Academy

Manchester City continued to keep the promising of developing the club as a whole after opening a state of the art training facility in the city.
The club were taken over by rich Arab owners in 2008. Due to the difficult economic climate back then, the future of the club was in doubt after they began spending vast sums of money on players like Robinho. It was feared that the owners may saddle the club with huge amounts of debt. This has not been the case, as City have been transformed in the last six years into one of the top teams in England.
City owners said at the time of takeover that we will be investing a lot in youth facilities. The Manchester City youth academy is one of the best in England, but it has not been producing the same level of players as it once did. Keen to take advantage of the huge catchment area, the club announced an impressive training facility for the first team and the youth. The facility has been built at an extravagant cost of £ 200 million and will also house a four-star luxury hotel for the first team to stay before the home matches.
The club’s football development executive and former Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira believes that these facilities will help the club improve the young talent.“The gap is massive from under-21 to first team, and we need to find the way to bridge the gap.If you look at the last few first team games, we have had George Glendon and Angelino on the bench, and we had Jose Pozo come on and do quite well. When he does so well, he is doing well for himself, but also for the whole academy, for the coaches who have been working with him, and for the EDS players as well,” said Vieira.

Enrique thinks Messi is different

The Blaugrana boss Luis Enrique reckons that Lionel Messi is quite a bit different from the other strikers in the world because apart from having the quality of scoring goals from any position, he has got several other skills as well.
As per Enrique, people generally see Messi as a goal scorer, but, it’s not only that which makes him a great player. He defends fantastically well and he is also as good a passer as any in the modern game.
Messi scored a couple of times in Barcelona’s last Liga game against Granada to cross the 400-goal mark in his career.
He has now a total of 401 goals to his name out of which 359 have been scored at the cub level, while, 42 have been scored at the international level.
Talking about his talisman in the press conference after that Granada game, Enrique said, “Leo is awesome on all the fronts. Not only can he strike himself, he can set it up for other people as well and unlike other strikers, he drops back quite well too which most of the people don’t notice.”
Messi is currently miles behind his closest rival Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of scoring goals this season. He has scored only 5 as compared to the 12 scored by the Portuguese.
Even Neymar, the Brazilian striker, has scored more goals than Messi for Barcelona this season. He has 6 strikes under his belt.
All this can change pretty quickly though. When Messi gets on a roll, he scores in heaps. So, if he gets into that zone, he can overtake anyone in goal scoring, be it Ronaldo or Neymar.
Messi had ended behind Ronaldo in goal scoring in the last Liga too. He would definitely not want that to get repeated.

Viera Made Right Decision, Says Pellegrini

Patrick Vieira spent 1 year performing at the Etihad Stadium as a player of Manchester City where he went on winning lifting the FA Cup in 2010 which was his last piece of silverware secured before deciding to retire. After retiring he decided to accept a training and youth development role at Manchester City as he is the manager of the reserve team of City.
The Elite Development team which is being guided by Patrice Vieira are going through a pre-season tour and training in Croatia where they recently played against HNK Rijeka but after the 19 year old midfielder Seko Fofana was allegedly racially abused, the match had to be cancelled.
After the manager of the team, Patrice Vieira was notified by his players about the things that were going on in the pitch he decided to cancel the match as he told his players to leave the playing ground.
This incident has reached headlines of newspaper all over the world as Manuel Pellegrini himself stated that Patrice Vieira did the correct decision while the Croatian team on the other hand is denying all of the racism allegations that are being launched at them. Manchester City is expected to launch a protest to the Croatian Football Federation as they are prepared to take this incident and report it to UEFA and FIFA.
The coach of the senior team of Manchester City, Manuel Pellegrini said: ‘’I don’t know too much but if Patrick felt that it was right to take the players off the pitch then that must have been the right thing to do. He evaluated the situation and did the right thing. It is impossible to carry on playing when that kind of thing has happened’’
After Seko Fofana was allegedly racially abused, the 19 year old French midfielder was sent off of the field as he had kicked a player of NHK Rijeka due to the frustration involving the incident which ultimately concluded with the match having to be cancelled and postponed.

Vieira An Option For Arsenal Management If Wenger Takes France

France will be hosting the Euro 2016 and the French football association wants Arsene Wenger to be in charge of the nation when the tournament begins in a few years.
The owner of Arsenal, Stan Kroenke will be giving Wenger a transfer budget of €100 million for him to put the Premier League club on the track of competing against Europe’s best but it still remains unclear whether or not Wenger is going to remain in charge of Arsenal as his contract expires at the end of the season and no contract extensions have been made.
If Wenger does indeed decide to finalize his 18 years long career with Arsenal and step up to take charge of France, this will leave Arsenal with an absent spot in their coaching position with Patrick Viera, Roberto Martinez and Jurgen Klopp being the top candidates of taking the job and replacing Wenger.
Jurgen Klopp is also being taken into consideration as the next coach for Manchester United although it seems unrealistic that it will happen either for Arsenal or United as Klopp has already revealed his intentions of remaining in charge of Borussia Dortmund.
Viera announced his retirement from playing professional football in July of 2011 and decided accept a training and youth development position at Manchester City. A few years later he was appointed as the club’s new reserve team which is evidence of the work he has been putting since retiring and taking up a managerial role.
Wenger would be appointed as the new coach of France as soon as the 2014 World Cup concludes which would give him enough time to shape the nation for the 2016 Euro’s while Patrick Viera will be replacing Wenger in Arsenal.


Patrick Vieira has hailed the Arsenal playmaker Aaron Ramsey for his superb form this season and has said that the Welshman would put up match winning performances again after recovering from his injury.
Ramsey had injured his thigh a few weeks ago, but, he is believed to be ready to make a comeback now and probably at some stage during the Gunners’ next league encounter against Southampton, he would be seen in action.
Many people reckon that it would not be easy for Ramsey to play exactly the same way he was playing before suffering that injury blow, but, according to Vieira, he would do so.
The 37 years old Senegalese who is currently in charge of the Manchester City reserves squad told the reporters, “I don’t think any other player has played as well as Aaron this season. He’s just been magnificent.”
“Most of the people see only his goals’ tally and that’s obvious because he has scored so many times, but, he has also assisted on a regular basis. He has proved that he is a complete player.”
“For me, he is the main reason why Arsenal is in a position to win the title. He has been a stand out player.”
This is Ramsey’s 5th season at Arsenal. In the 4 seasons before this, he had scored only 7 league goals, while, in this season itself, he has found the net 8 times in the league.
So, if one says that the Welshman has been in the form of his life in the 2013-14 Season, it would not be an overstatement.
Arsenal is at the first position in the Premier league points table at this point of time. They are just one point ahead of their closest rival Manchester City though.


In the ongoing Premier League, there is a huge difference between Manchester United and Arsenal in terms of points, but, there were days when these two clubs didn’t use to be too far away from each other in the points table and the reason was that both of them were blessed with a high class midfielder. For United, it was Roy Keane, while, for the Gunners, it was Patrick Vieira.
These two guys were each other’s biggest enemies on the pitch. There was bound to be some drama when Keane and Vieira were up against each other and that’s because they used to play the game with a lot of passion. They didn’t like losing at all.
Both Keane and Vieira were absolute Premier League legends. They played in the league for a decade or so and made a number of match winning contributions for their respective sides.
Keane made a total of 326 league appearances for United and scored 33 goals, while, Vieira featured for Arsenal in 279 league games and found the net 29 times.
The rivalry of Keane and Vieira was so famous that even today whenever United and Arsenal play against each other, people remember that rivalry.
Yesterday, both these players met again, but, not on the ground. They met in the studio of an English sports channel and even there, they got involved into verbal arguments. They were far from agreeing to each other on certain topics. However, Keane and Vieira praised certain qualities of each other as well.
It was an absolute treat for the fans of United and Arsenal to watch that programme as so many old days memories were recalled.
Vieira is currently in charge of the Manchester City Reserves squad, while, Keane is involved in the management of Republic of Ireland national team.

Manchester City still adjusting to changes

England and Manchester City midfielder James Milner has stated that the players at the club are still coming to terms with the new methods of new manager Manuel Pellegrini and added that there is still a lot of adjustment that is going on at the Blues but he is hopeful the results and performances will improve as the season progresses more and more.
There were a lot of changes in the blue half of Manchester over the summer with the new manager coming in to replace Roberto Mancini who had been sacked for his failure to retain the Premier League title as well as many new players being brought in, including the likes of Spanish striker Alvaro Negredo and winger Jesus Navas, Brazilian midfidler Fernandinho, Montenegro international striker Stevan Jovetic as well as former Argentina international defender Martin Demichelis along with significant changes in the coaching staff at the club.
And Milner admits that the Manchester City, especially the ones who had been at the club beforehand are still coming to terms with so many changes taking place and that has been one of the main reasons why their game has been so inconsistent during this time.
Results for the club early in the Premier League have been mixed. While they thrashed rivals Manchester United 4-1 at home, they suffered shock defeats to Cardiff City and Aston Villa and they also lost to Chelsea last weekend thanks to another blunder from Joe Hart in the City goal.
But Milner is hopeful Manchester City has the players it requires to get over this lean period for the club and there is no doubting the fact that they are also going to be competing for the title on several fronts come the end of the season with the Premier League their main target.

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